Weaving became part of my life in 2009, and, in the beginning my desire to weave was born because I wanted to fill my home with practical handwoven articles. Things that I could hold, touch, use and enjoy on a daily basis.

No one warned me that weaving could take hold of your soul and fill your daily thoughts, night time dreams, and sometimes, in my case, nightmares.

To be able to take strands of yarn and manipulate them to create a hard wearing floor rug, a beautiful table runner, functional tea towels, a softly draping shawl to provide warm neck hugs on cold winter days, or a gossamer transparency ….. truly inspirational.

Weaving brings me joy and centres me. From the winding of the bobbins to the throwing of the shuttle, I touch every inch of yarn that goes into my creations. A piece of me remains with each and every article of woven cloth.

Living and weaving in Canberra, Australia, I enjoy the changing of the seasons, and with each season comes inspiration for my next weaving.

Simply put, I weave because I must, it is a part of me and it gives me immense joy to know that something I have woven can bring enjoyment to another person.

If you are wanting to read a blog with “weaverly” perfection, then this is not the blog for you. I look forward to sharing my weaving journey with you … warts and all !

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  1. Billie, you are truly talented. And I think I DO have to move next door to you. Have you considered teaching, at any point? I have been weaving since 1998 (started in my mid-40s) and soon enough I started selling and then teaching. It is a wonderful way to connect with weavers everywhere — and, selfishly enough, I find it a wonderful way to learn!
    Denise Kovnat (weaver from Rochester, New York, who said on Facebook she wished you lived next door to her)

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    1. Denise you are very kind :0) I seem to stumble my way through weaving. I would love to live next door to you !!! Can you imagine the trouble that we could get into ;0) One of these days I will find the black hole coordinates, and we can all get together and enjoy some laughs. I give the occasional weaving lesson here at home, and I really enjoy watching people as they start their new weaving adventure journey. The more weavers in the world, the better the world will be :0)

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