InterLaced Exhibition

It has been five months and I must apologise.  Yes, I am still alive and kicking, albeit, rather slower than in the past, but the legs are still moving and the hands are still throwing the shuttle.

Since I last let the brain matter splatter, InterLaced, the exhibition, has been hung, viewed for a month and is now packed away.

In the twelve months preceding the opening, I managed to weave 109 pieces, dozens of samples, over 520,000 picks (yes, the big girl pants are on and I am keeping track of all items woven and the picks – thank goodness for computer assistance) and consumed way too much chocolate :0)

July brought with it a major meltdown, where I tried out for “best toddler temper tantrum 2017”. With much wailing, gnashing of teeth and feet stamping, I proclaimed to the world at large, and no one in particular, that I should hang up the shuttles because I had nothing suitable to exhibit.

It wasn’t until Leonard, long suffering and ever enduring husband, said that if that was truly the case, then I had just wasted one year of my life !

Way to put it into perspective Leonard !

After the pieces were hung at Strathnairn Art Gallery, I took a moment to stand back and just look.

39 pieces were hung for public viewing and the more I looked, the more I realised that these works were, in fact, my twelve month textile diary.

Each piece had its own meaning, and as I looked at different pieces, I could clearly remember things which had happened when that particular warp was on the loom.

For anyone who has read my previous blogs, you will know that Leonard had a motor bike vs car accident two years ago, and the result is permanent brain damage and epilepsy. This has resulted in a change to Leonard’s personality and he is not the same man that I married 28 years ago.

However looking at certain pieces, I remember the day when he had a major seizure and had to be taken back to hospital, with another piece, I was weaving and it was the first time in months that Leonard had come into the loom room, stood behind me and told me he loved me.

These pieces are more than just woven cloth, they are moments and memories woven in time.

The exhibition was officially opened, and I was surprised and humbled by the number of weavers from the local Guild who came to offer their support. It was nice to stand back and listen to what people were saying. Not everything was positive, and the old “I can buy the same thing at Target for $ 5.00 why should I pay $ 150.00” came up, but on balance, there were far more positive things said.

InterLaced Exhibition July 2017 bb use

Whilst exploring new weave structures, I have fallen in love with network drafting. These are three which I have named Mono 1, Mono 2 and Mono 3. I found naming the pieces more brain draining than weaving them, because, apparently, it is not “professional” to name items such as “Blast 1, 2, 3 ….” or “Damn It 1, 2, 3 …”. So all the other scarves were given names, but I just had to get a “1, 2 and 3” in for my own sanity and sense of humour  ;0)

These three black and white are woven using a silk warp and black tencel weft.

The red, white and black piece at the back and to the left is “Weave With A Happy Heart” morse code scarf.

InterLaced Exhibition July 2017 f use

InterLaced Exhibition July 2017 l use

The two pieces on the left are my first attempts at Moire weaving. Yet another weave structure that I want to spend more time exploring. It is a beautiful weave which surprises and delights me as a weaver.

InterLaced Exhibition July 2017 q use

InterLaced Exhibition July 2017 t use

The lighting is not brilliant, so I apologise for the darkness of some of the cloth.

InterLaced Exhibition July 2017 u use

InterLaced Exhibition July 2017 y use

Raspberry Swirl

At the end of the exhibition, 10 items had found new homes, and I had found new friends.

I even managed to make it into the newspaper ! Go figure !!!–an-exhibition-of-works-by-belinda-rosee-at-strathnairn-20170718-gxe0jf.html

For those with observant eyes, the cloth is hung using leather tabs. I wanted something simple, and which would compliment the cloth. Leonard to the rescue. He made each and every one of these tabs for me …. thank you !!!

Now things are packed away, I can no longer use the exhibition as a reason for not vacuuming the floors and cleaning the house …. sigh ….. but there is an upcoming “open day” which I need to get some tea towels, linen face cloths and bread bags woven for ;0)

Commissions are coming off the loom, and those exhibition items which did not sell will be listed on my FB page to hopefully find new homes

LOL – there is a silk bill coming in the mail, and I need to find a way to pay for it before Leonard has a conniption fit !

Till next time, weave with a happy heart y’all and remember DDHD – dreams don’t have deadlines !!!


Billie X

6 thoughts on “InterLaced Exhibition

  1. Congratulations on your showing! It looks wonderfully creative!

    Perhaps a man in a kilt, dressed in one of your weavings, would be super cool.

    You have a wonderful talent!

    On Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 7:21 PM Billie the Weaver’s Blog wrote:

    > billieweaver posted: “It has been five months and I must apologise. Yes, > I am still alive and kicking, albeit, rather slower than in the past, but > the legs are still moving and the hands are still throwing the shuttle. > Since I last let the brain matter splatter, InterLaced, ” >


    1. Thank you Lori. LOL – in the months leading up to the exhibition, nothing that made any sense was coming out of my mouth, so I figured it was best to not put anything in writing ;0)


  2. Belinda, your work is beautiful and is a reflection of your heart and soul as is your poetic writing. I admire your courage in facing life’s difficulties and wish you and Leonard happiness and good health. Hugs & happy weaving!


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