Turned Taquete … this weaver’s ear worm

Sorry it has been so long since I posted, but, as those who read my posts on Facebook know, I have been dealing with a lot of cracks in my life, and they have taken their toll on my sanity, my giggling ability and my retinas.

Small cracks, wide cracks, Chinese, European, Australian and Greek, hairy and not so hairy – you know now where this is leading don’t you.

My purple and green/blue kitchen is no longer, but, in order to get a lovely white kitchen installed, my life (for the past month) has revolved around a variety of males, young, old, fit and unfit, but all with the one distinguishing feature ….. sigh ….. trousers which they wear down around their thighs.

I am either very old, or no longer intrigued by bits of the anatomy which, for the sake of all those on the planet, should be covered up.

It took about a month for the work to be finished, and in that time, I could not get to the looms. But now the kitchen is done, there is only one man in the house … and he actually owns a belt and knows that trousers have a “waist band” which is designed to reach the waist !!!

I know that I promised y’all  huck circles, but I am convinced that I have a weaver’s ear worm. Like that annoying sound or song that won’t leave you alone, and you are convinced is slowly driving you crazy, that is what Turned Taquete (TT) is doing to me.

Between  (TT) and turned twill, my weaving life is being filled with squares and rectangles rather than circles and curves.

This unwanted ear worm wasn’t helped, when, a brilliant weaver on Facebook, posted a stunning draft of TT, or, as I have been informed by her, is more accurately referred to as Jin. HA !!! See, I told you this weave structure was going to make me turn to hard liquor … Jin / gin.

Not able to ignore this beautiful draft, I threaded the loom with some 8/2 tencel and grabbed some 20/2 cotton for the weft.

Maybe …. this time, the ear worm would have its fill and my brain could go back to lace circles and chocolate.

Sigh – didn’t work!  Not only did I have a blast warping the loom, but the actual weaving of the 20/2 cotton didn’t take as long as I thought. So my only salvation would come when I took the cloth off the loom and wet finished. Surely, anything with a normal sett of 24 epi, when forced into fibre spanks of 40 epi, would have very little drape.

tt june 2016 d

Again … the weaving God’s were laughing at me. Although the cloth is slightly heavier than I would have expected, the drape was lovely. Hmmmmm ……

Whilst fringing my mind wandered, as did my eyes (retinas now fully recovered from the seemingly unending parade of uncovered tuckas), and I found myself getting up and setting out another colour way for this Jin draft. What if I changed the size of the boxes like I do with turned twill. That could be interesting …

There was nothing left to do but to submit to the ear worm.

tt june 2016 ctt june 2016 att june 2016 b

Another Jin warp was put on, and again, there was a joy with the warping and weaving.

Submission is the only solution !

The only thing which is going to be able to drag me away from my new found love of Gin (sorry) Jin … is the fact that something pretty awesome happened.

There is a small local, but well known, gallery which sent out an eBlast about EOI for 2017 exhibitions. I jokingly said to Leonard that I might apply – what is the worst that can happen – they can fall off their chairs laughing at my application and my hubris at thinking that I could call myself a weaver.

This particular gallery hosts exhibitions for both domestic and international artists, the space is small, and the positions limited.

Well knock me down with a feather and tickle me purple, they responded quickly and I am now having a solo exhibition during July and August of 2017.

Joy, elation, terror and panic have now joined my ear worm and have successfully turned me from a relatively sane human being, into a maniac. People, what have I done !!! I now have to produce 33 new works including scarves, shawls, throws, transparencies and a bleeding rag rug.

Truely – zero brain cells were operating when I casually sent off the EOI. No thought was given to the fact that I now have to produce at least three successful pieces of cloth each and every month for the next 11.

My supply of chocolate was consumed in an 8 hour period, no amount of ‘chin up – you’ll be fine’ can compete with the overwhelming realisation that I am a total and utter butt nutt :0(

So, on that note, I shall stop procrastinating and head back to the loom room (after first shopping for more chocolate), and see whether I can quieten the ear worm and maybe, just maybe produce some circles and curves.

Till next time, happy weaving y’all ….. Billie




8 thoughts on “Turned Taquete … this weaver’s ear worm

  1. We all have faith in you Billie! Your weaving is so stunning, it will wow the attendees at your show. Get a big supply of chocolate and let your creativity flow.


    1. Liking your suggestion of a big supply of chocolate Sherry ;0) Maybe, by the time the exhibition comes around I will be too large to get through the door and I won’t have to talk to people about my weaving ….. bwa ha ha


    1. Eva thank you so much. I don’t think I will ever be a great weaver – but it would be nice to say I was a “weaver” and know that it is true ;0) LOL …. dang TT ear worm !!!


    1. LOL – so glad that there are other Weaver SOS’s in the world. Taquete (or Jin as it was first referenced) is a warp faced weave, or, warp emphasis weave, which requires two shuttles. By turning it and making the weft the warp, you get Turned Taquete which only requires on shuttle. From the little I know, it is a “tied” weave. There are “tied down” warps that the pattern thread floats over. The pattern thread will float over three threads and then be tied down. As Taquete is a warp faced weave, the sett is much closer than you would normally use – for 8/2 tencel, which I normally sett at 24 epi, you have to apply the spanks and increase the density to 40 epi. However the weft thread is much finer, I use 20/2 cotton. You don’t see the weft thread because it is a warp faced weave. If you have access to Complex Weavers Journal, Bonnie Inouye wrote an article on Turned Taquete: An Introduction (June 2014). Hoping this helps a little – it is a beautiful weave structure and works fabulously with hand dyed warps where the hand dyeing is the hero of the cloth. Happy TT weaving :0)


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