Procrastination ……

April is upon us, and I am hoping for an uneventful and less stressful month. I say that tongue in cheek and with a bit of a chuckle because I know if that ever happens, I will be dreaming (or have done a Freaky Friday and swapped bodies with someone else … hummm … please, please, please let me be able to chose the body I wish to swap with – a body which gravity has not affected, one where wrinkles are non existent, with good eyesight and one which springs out of bed in the morning and does not have to roll out, moaning and groaning with aches and pains – bliss).

I am procrastinating. I have tea towels on one of my looms at the moment, and they are in shades of green ….

April 2016 d

Although I love greens in nature and appreciate the beauty of green – weaving with greenĀ causes some anxiety. I blame this on my Mom because she is extremely superstitious about green. You can imagine her horror when I joined the Australian Army whose colours are green, green and more green.

I had hoped to spend this month exploring circles, however, I have been invited to attend Canberra’s local Old Bus Depot Markets. An invitation was extended to me last year, however the day after it arrived, Leonard (long suffering and every enduring husband) and his motor scooter were used as a hood ornament on a ladies car. Apparently she did not see a rather large man, riding a very orange scooter, as she came through a round a bout. Leonard has been in and out of hospital and currently suffers, what he calls “reboots” where he forgets where he is, who he is, what he is doing etc. It is rather frightening and very concerning. Having said that, I have tried on two occasions to take advantage of these “reboots” to let him know that he had offered to buy me a 32 shaft Toika loom. Seems the “reboots” only go so far …. once he has recovered (normally a couple of days later) he reminds me that he has NOT offered to buy me any such loom. Sigh …..

So rather than spend the month playing with circles and polka dots, I have put the aforementioned green tea towels on the loom. I thought tea towels might be a good seller for the market, so I would like a selection of colours and weave structures. Considering the first Market day is the 17th of this month … I need to get my skates on and stop procrastinating.

Tea Towels for OBDM April 2016


Following a horrendous order of 10/2 cotton from the States which arrived here soaking wet (literally the boxes were leaking water all over the tiles and carpet in our entrance hall), and one box was missing 17 cones of cotton. Grrrr – I am still arguing with the shipping company over a refund, I managed to get two 10/2 cotton scarves on a loom.

Now, I had never woven with 10/2 cotton before, never even seen 10/2 cotton before. We simply do not have easy access to this in Australia. So I was extremely excited for my shipment to arrive.

My idea was that a cotton scarf would be user friendly for the warmer winter months that the majority of Australia faces each year. By having a variety of fibres woven into scarves, I would, hopefully, have something suitable for everyone.

It was then I was bombarded with weavers from around the world telling me that I had made a very expensive mistake …… cotton scarves …. 100 percent cotton scarves ….. 10/2 cotton scarves ….. impossible ….. impractical …… unsaleable. Again, I sighed heavily and wondered what in the world I was doing thinking that I was a weaver.

With all these negative thoughts going through my head, and the disaster of the delivery, I had convinced myself that the Universe was giving me a sign.

Still, on went the warp. It was to be a “circle” month for me, so I was going to darn well weave huck circles in 10/2 cotton.

Huck Circle March 2016 b

Huck Circle March 2016 a use

10/2 perle cotton is a beautiful yarn to use. I loved every minute of it. Such a pleasure :0) Granted, it does not have the drape that tencel or 60/2 silk has, but it is beautiful.

I love this new fibre that I have found…

Huck Circle March 2016 f use

Beige Huck Circle March 2016 d use

It will be interesting to hear what other people think of the 100 percent cotton scarves. To date, only Leonard has seen these scarves. I am hoping that they meet with a positive reaction.

Well – those were my only circles for the beginning of the month. I am hoping that before the end of April, I will have tried some Summer and Winter polka dots, but as this is just another weave structure that I have never attempted, I am rather hesitant to put on enough warp for 8 Summer and Winter polka dot tea towels.

Nearly two hours of procrastination have occurred, and the house elves have been nowhere near my green tea towels (I have given them every opportunity to help with the weaving) …. maybe they don’t like weaving with green either. I guess I had best move my tuckas off of this seat and onto the loom seat.

If anyone is around the Old Bus Depot Markets this coming 17th, please drop by and say hello – it would scare the bejesus out of me to think that there is someone out there reading this :0)

Till next time, happy weaving y’all ……. Billie :0)


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