Requesting relaunch of 2016 …

2016, to date, has been very eventful, rather too much so for my personal liking, so I would like to request a “redo/relaunch” of 2016 …. please!

It started with major car troubles, George, my 16 year old stately gentleman, has obviously taken a massive dislike to Sarah-Jane (Leonard’s new car – purchased, under protest by him, after having been used as a hood ornament for the third time, in three years, by other drivers who thought he and his scooter would look fabulous on the hood of their cars … sigh). Now George is a rather sedate silver colour, whilst Sarah-Jane is a flashy shiny red. Therein lies the problem methinks.

Fingers crossed and knock on wood George, hopefully, has been fixed after several failed attempts. I did not enjoy driving down the road doing 60 when all of a sudden the car turns itself off and I lose all steering and brakes, nor did I enjoy being stopped at a stop sign and all of a sudden the car starts revving to 8000. The looks I received whilst travelling at 15 (in a 60 zone with hazard lights on), but the car revving at 5000, are not the looks I enjoy.

Also, this year, I had to have my face lasered off due to invasive malignant cancers and a variety of other skin cancers.

Whilst I was looking forward to having less skin cancers, the actual procedure …. well …. here goes….

“It will feel like light flicking of rubber bands” – ladies and gentleman – bollicks !!! Flicking of rubber bands, my great Aunt Linnie’s tuckas – it was as if they set 1000 very angry wasps at my face and said “have at it”. Plus, the laser technician tried explaining to me that she was going to cross hatch my face with the laser, and all I could think of was that rather than a cross hatch, she was doing a plain weave on my face and her beat was rather hard.

Laser done, I was congratulating myself on “being a big girl, with her big girl pants on” and then came the red light.

Well, pass me the fork and the maple syrup …. The red light literally burnt the skin, and all I could smell was cooking bacon, hence the maple syrup. The tears which were being shed never managed to roll down my face because they instantly sizzled. You could hear them sizzling. The fork …. well – stick it in me, because I am done.

Once the treatment was finished, the laser technician got me to sit up, had a look at my face and said “Oh”. Say What !!! Please explain this “Oh” business. She patted me on the shoulder and explained that it was worse than they all had thought at the beginning of the treatment, and I was going to be sore. Hmmmmm – not the most uplifting of things to say, but more expressive than “Oh”.

So there was no weaving, no hem stitching, just a lot of cold wash cloths, fans and an infusion of chocolate. The eyes and lips swelled magnificently and for the only time in my life I had “bee stung” lips ;0)

The face has healed, the car has been fixed (touch wood) and I finally managed to get the Belgian silk mobius scarves hemmed.

These are the first mobius scarves that I have attempted, and I am not too sure about them. I think I might be just a plain scarf sort of gal.

mobus 2aa mobius 1


mobius 1a.JPG

mobius 3a

mobius 2d.JPG

I managed to do three different huck designs on the one warp. This was also the first time I had used the Belgian silk. It comes with a lot of “natural features” …. slubbing, different thickness, etc. Overall is was okay to use, not something that I would rush out to purchase again, but as I have six kilos sitting here, I think I can manage to find projects for it.

As March 2016 comes to an end, I am thinking circles … huck circles of course, and in a 10/2 perle cotton. I figure if life has me running around in circles, chasing my own tail, then I should turn the circles into huck and weave them.

Till the next time, use sun screen, never bring a shiny red lady into a garage without first introducing her to the elderly gentleman that she will be sharing with (else said gentleman will get very grumpy) and Happy Weaving Y’all ………Billie :0)

3 thoughts on “Requesting relaunch of 2016 …

  1. Hi Billie,
    I just discovered your blog andnam enjoying reading through it. Love your sense of humor! I agree, a relaunch of 2016 would be good. I’m recovering from heart surgery and it is taking sooooo long to get any energy. Hope the cancer treatment was successful and you won’t have to go through that again.


    1. Lori I am so sorry hear that you had to have heart surgery, but I hope that it has totally fixed the problem and that your strength will return to you – if not all at once, then at least a little more each day. Sadly, I have to under go the same treatment on my face next year – but this time, I will go in with maple syrup and a fork ;0) I hope I continue to tickle your funny bone as you recover. Sending healing hugs, Billie :0)


  2. Both you and Lori are an inspiration of hope and strength! Hope you get better and better and be healthy and good as new. Your Huck designs are lovely, that Belgian silk looks interesting, it must be very soft and nice to wear.



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