More Turned Taquete aka Jin

The Turned Taquete has come off the loom – leaving one very naked Eeva in the loom room.

I have been advised by a very experienced weaver this structure was “invented by the Chinese in the Han period and call Jin. Taquete was invented independently a few hundred years later. So really it should be (referred to as) Jin.”

Jin/Taquete/Turned Taquete, I am going to call it TT. Easier for me to remember and easier to type.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t know whether this weave structure is ingratiating itself to me, or behaving more like acid reflux. The more I play with it, and the more it reacts in a manner which I am not expecting, the more determined I am not to let go.

It is like that bowl of ice-cream which is begging for me to eat it, but I know when I do eat it (for I WILL eat it), it will keep repeating on me for the next 12 hours and I will moan and groan, swear to my long suffering and every enduring husband that I will never eat ice-cream again …… until the next time.

TT does this to me. I promised myself that once the table runner was finished, that I need never approach TT again. Now that the table runner is off the loom …. I am wondering how these threads would react if silk and tencel were used rather than unmercerised cotton. I must truly be barking mad !

When you first read that this blog was going to be warts and all, I bet you weren’t expecting any warts so quickly …. well hang onto your breeches …. here comes one.

Before washing the TT, I wanted to do a quick zig-zag stitch to hold the ends together. A simple, quick fix … but yet …

Wart 11
Seriously ???

How can such a small bobbin cause so many problems. Wart 1 fixed and the TT went into the washing machine.

They are yet to be hemmed, but I thought I would probably do that next week as I have to go in and have my face lasered off on Monday due to some Invasive Malignant Cancers. Why not add to the misery by doing some hand hemming :0)

The photos are of two tea towels, one blue and one green. The black/white/red is the table runner that came about after I changed the epi. So for those wanting details: the tea towels have an 8/2 cotton warp in black and white repeat. They are sett at 24 epi and the weft is either the green or the blue 8/2 cotton. The table runner had the “spanks” applied and although the warp is exactly the same, it is now sett at 40 epi and the weft used was a 16/2 cotton. The change in the sett caused the warp to decrease from 18.5 inches across to 11.25 inches across.

tt 1aatt 1ctt 2aatt 2ddNow for the table runner :0)

tt 3bbtt 3dtt 3ff

There is still “movement” in the table runner, as can been seen in the photo above, but overall the effect is more pleasing than the tea towels at 24 epi.

Certainly at 40 epi, this cloth could not (in my opinion) be used as a tea towel, it is much too dense, but this leads me to wonder, if silk and tencel were used, would you be able to get a fabric suitable for use as a scarf or shawl, or would that be too dense also? Another question for another day, because I know this weave structure is going to niggle at the back of my head and haunt me in my sleep :0)

Thank you for joining me on this particular TT journey, I hope you have found it as enjoyable as me. I think that the next weave structure must be Huck, it is my all time favourite weave structure and I might just spend some time on it as a treat.

Until next time, Respect the Warp and Happy Weaving y’all. Hugs Billie



2 thoughts on “More Turned Taquete aka Jin

  1. When you use cotton for TT at such a close sett the resulting fabric is more suited to be used as a table mat or runner. But if you use more “giving” and smooth and silky yarns like Tencel and silk, the result is a beautiful drape that is perfect for a scarf. A warp of 10/2 Tencel at 40 epi and a weft of 20/2 Tencel or silk will work well. I wrote about this in my posts about TT. Hope you’ll give it a try! Loved reading your post! Best wishes and hope all goes well with your medical procedure.



    1. Eva you are the weaver who just “keeps giving” :0) TT has become one of “those” weaves, and I know that I am going to try it again – this time with the tencel and silk as you suggested – it will be an interesting journey. Thank you for your well wishes – I am going in with an old face and hoping to come out with baby skin … but knowing my luck, if it is baby skin, it will look exactly like a baby’s bottom – not a good look on a face ;0) Happy Weaving Billie


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