Something new for 2016

It has been suggested that I talk a lot, and that I talk a lot about weaving. Those in my immediate vicinity tend to roll their eyes and stand open mouthed looking at me.  Such a thing as “weaving overload” exists and it can be identified by a “deer in headlights” stance, rolling or glazed eyes, open mouths and shallow breathing.

I love my friends and family and don’t wish to do them permanent damage, so the decision to create a blog was founded.

Now to see whether I can wrap this old brain around modern technology.

I have been weaving since 2009 and would love to tell y’all that there was a Universal epiphany, or that the Cosmos spoke to me to pick up a shuttle and throw it …. but truth be told, I started weaving because I wanted to fill my home with beautiful hand made items.

I wanted to wiggle my toes on rag rugs made from the jeans of friends and family. If I had to dry the dishes, then I was going to do it with handwoven tea towels that made me smile. Warm blankets to snuggle under on cool nights, scarves and shawls to provide necks with warm hugs when arms weren’t available. Handwoven items with a cacophony of colour, texture and fibres. Things which begged to be touched, stroked and handled.

Now having said all that, here is the full disclosure. Yes, I am a weaver, yes, I love to weave, but that doesn’t mean to say that everything I create is wonderful, stress free and perfect. There are moments when I wonder if I actually have connected brain cells. I turn my back only to turn around again and see chaos at the loom.

House fairies and pixies delight in turning a simple weave into something more challenging.

The day I put a warp on, weave its full length, and not have a hiccup, issue or disaster, is a day when I know I have spent it day dreaming of the perfect warp.

If you would like to accompany me on my weaving journeys, come along, I think I can promise entertainment and laughs. With the occasional woven article for viewing.

If you are looking for weaving perfection, this is not the blog for you …… this is weaving …. warts and all


14 thoughts on “Something new for 2016

  1. As a fellow weaver I love how you express your weaving experience with so much wit and honesty. By the way, the weaving shown in your blog’s header is beautiful. I look forward to reading more about your work in future posts, I know i’m going to be smiling and enjoying it.


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  2. Well written. I know exactly what you meen that weaving can take hold of you. I have been weaving since 1980, but had a long long break. In the last 13 years got really into it and now I read pattern drafts instead of novels…much more exciting. I have a living loom, no more living room. 3 looms set up and one in the garage that I cannot part with (yet). Weaving is a huge part of my life too. Good to know that there are more of us out there. Happy weaving 😉


    1. Thank you Simone :0) I totally understand about reading drafts vs reading novels. LOL – with novels I skip to the end to see “who done it” but with drafts and weaving books – have to read every page. Welcome to my weaving side …. I have looms and chocolate ;0) Plus my adage is “A house is not a home, without a loom in every room” .


    1. Andrea you are very kind. I enjoy writing and trained as a journalist before ending up in Military Intelligence. I just can’t bring my FB posts down to one sentence, so I decided to move here …. until someone here tells me I write too much ;0)


  3. Love your weaving, love your posts, love your humor, love your attitude! So glad you are going to be doing a blog now (best read with chocolate and a glass of wine) You’re sure to get lots of fans and followers as you entertain and educate us with your weaving adventures. But dang girl, when are you ever going to sleep?


    1. LOL – Sherry I just have you bamboozled with baloney :0) I figure there will be very few people reading this blog, but it will keep me entertained and if I let the Universe know what a total doofus I can be when it comes to weaving – then maybe that “doofusness” will leave me and I can concentrate on being a better weaver ;0)


    1. Thank you so much. I am getting there with WordPress. Still trying to find out how to incorporate links to other weaver’s sites, but without much success – but there is only way, and that is up. Fingers crossed :0)


  4. You know how much I admire your weaving and dream of a day when that loom is not gathering dust but is producing objects. You and I have very different takes on weaving but I love to read about your adventures. My blog sorta died when the person I was writing it for passed away. I don’t know whether anyone else is interested in spinning, etc. so it’s defunct.


    1. Carol you have just to call and I will be there to warp your loom (hmmmmm – sounds suspiciously like lyrics from a song). I figure there will be very few people who actually read this blog, but, it is a way for me to get things out of my head so that I don’t implode, and, if I entertain a couple of people along the way – excellent. Plus this year, I am putting on my Big Girl Pants and am going to be a real weaver (stop laughing). Start your blog up again, tell me how to add links to my blog, and I am sure you will find people drawn to your blog. SOOOO many people are interested in spinning :0) Do it !!!


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